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Executive Summary

During the past decades, the public have expressed their unsatisfying with the harbourfront enjoyment, because they think the harbourfront areas during the past decades have never been their most desirable site for fully enjoying. This Report will mainly assess the sustainability of the HFA organization in the public engagement, since this authority was recommended to be established to develop the Harbor so as to cater public’s aspiration. The process and the discussion of the event proved that the establishment would achieve outcomes to people in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the execution of the HFA ought to be supervised and evaluated by its performance.














 A Public Engagement Event Field Report


“Victoria Harbour, which might be the world’s finest one, separates Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Peninsula.”(Trip Advisor, 2012) As the most remarkable symbol of Hong Kong, to create a vibrant and sustainable improved Victoria Harbor to enhance its harbourfront areas for catering public aspiration has been the spotlighted priority. To meet the public requirements of the harbourfront areas such as the designs or the management, HC and DEVB collaborated to implement 2-phase public management, of which at the first phase the most prior mission is to do a survey among public customers about the aspiration for the Harbourfront areas and the second phase mainly focused on establishment of an organization named HFA and its functions of advisory and Advocacy, governance and management, and executive functions. A clear and improved framework is the key point as mentioned, “When studying executive functions, a developmental framework is helpful because these abilities mature at different rates over time.”(Lezak,1995) It has to be acknowledged that this is a wonderful and perfect scheme for rebuilding Victoria Harbor for its sustainable development in finance or social prospective in this event.


Process of the public engagement event

1The first phase of HFA to improve HFA sustainability.

According to the international trend, “Harbourfront enhancement was one of the policy initiatives highlighted in the 2008-2009 Policy Address.”(LC, 2014) To make it better, a fantastic explicit planning progress and mechanism were built before all execution in this event so as to perfectly and smoothly complete the targets of sustainability in development of harbourfront areas for people’s vision.

1.1 Surveys of HFA to seek public views.

As the most popular tourist attractions “A Tourism Strategy Group, comprising representatives from the HKTB and various sectors of the tourism industry has been established to advise the Government on tourism development from a strategic perspective.”(Wikipedia, 2014) To build it as prosperous tourism industry namely commercial objective is also the target of this event. To achieve that accomplishment HC and DEVB drawn up 2-phase public engagement, of which what should be done at first are clearly listed, as in the first phase they would make survey among public so as to inquiry people’s real aspiration towards what the really sustainable harbor they want, or whether HFA ought to be established to reach the goal of enhancing the harbourfront areas.


1.2 Measures and mechanism HFA took in the event

A series of reasonable steps demonstrated the significant meaning of this event, with a definite goal-- meeting the public aspiration to create a vibrant, more dynamic and attractive site, a pride of Hong Kong. Most people are in favor of establishing the HFA and expressed the idea future harbor with some characteristics they might think should possess such as vitality, people-oriented and friendly-environmentally, as harbor protection has been the important issue already, as mentioned, “As discussed, Harbour protection was transformed from a non-issue to a high-profile policy issue within the course of a decade.”(Wiebe, 2008) Furthermore, for sustainability of harbor development, a thorough plan of targets listed are necessary for HFA, as is mentioned “make places which people want to visit, promote a lively, interesting, accessible and sustainable harbourfront, and promote programs, events and activities, both local and international, for young and old”.(C&W, 2013) 


2. Establishment of people-oriented harbourfront areas.

This event was held on the basis of exceedingly clear trend, background and explicit current situation of Harbourfront, which has been a never-satisfied site in public’s mind. Before establishment of the HFA, a useful and important questioner was handed out to the public through every possible ways like Facebook, or other way of survey, which could help the HFA clear about what people really want the Harbourfront area to be—both a perfect working place and sites for leisure. Obviously people’s aspiration for the development and management of harbourfront areas are reasonable, since they keep the view of balance between the commercial principles and social prospective. What they expressed in the questionnaire are reflections of the whole Hong Kong expects especially people-oriented enjoyment, as it was emphasized in the Harbor enhancement committee “The Committee is also invited to provide suggestions to the Government on how to "Bring People to the Harbour and the Harbour to the People.” (Lee, 2007)

大部分人赞同简历HFA 并表达了他们的想法。他们希望能够简历更有活力,更有吸引力的港口,这也是香港人的骄傲。以人为本,环境友好,都是人们对未来环境的希望。环境保护已经是我们必须面对的最重要的问题之一。为了维护港口的可持续,HFA需要对发展的目标全面规划。创造一个繁荣的港口,可持续的港口,促进各项活动和运动能顺利运行。包括当地的国际活动等等。

3. Targets and outcomes evaluate HFA’s performance.

Placing peoples’ vision at the first place could assist HFA achieve a sustainable development. After seeking the public’s views about the vision of Harbourfront areas, thus measures and targets were set in the process, the next step is how HFA could manage the planned scheme and take it into practice efficiently, namely the execution, such as what kind of governing board it ought to establish to supervise operation to maintain the sustainability of the perfect execution since HFA was injected with more land and fund. HFA has schemed a series of board mechanism with targets need to be realized from the public’s vision, which would also evaluate the HFA’s execution of the operation and its performance as well. All the targets and outcomes would be regarded as the evaluation of HFA performance especially for its targets of activities catering human’s vision, from the reason as mentioned as “The planning, development and management of Victoria Harbour and its harbour-front areas should maximize opportunities for public enjoyment.”(Rolls, 2008)

4. Discussion contents of the event

Later in the phase, people were asked to express their discussion on the financial arrangements of HFA like whether the HFA ought to be funded by the government or should it be independent in finance and the arguments of the board mechanism execution of HFA such as , which departments should be the responsibility for the HFA, should it be managed and supervised by the governmental sectors or the public sectors; “It included members of the business sector, planners, architects, the Tourism Board and conservationists, all of whom shared policy-making authority with the government.”(Alvarez, 2006)

4.1 Public discussion about fund matters

As for the fund matter, for the public, they worried that might prompt the HFA over-commercialization, which can be agreed as for independence in finance, the trend would be the commercialization with the unbalance of commercial principles and social objectives. As a result, the public would become more dissatisfied with their dreaming harbourfront areas in their fantasy and far from their aspiration. It is approval that the government ought to fund HFA, since without the outside economic assistance, here comes the unbalance of financial principles and social aspiration, to overcome which the HFA has also taken into account the sustainability and made some strategies among government. For its sustainability of development in a relatively high and stable way, the government has the responsibility to fund HFA for its better and smooth operation.

4.2 Public discussion about execution functions of HFA

As for the discussion of execution functions that HFA will play, it is studied that the public believed that the HFA ought to be served by the independent executive groups, as “We considered that the suitable arrangements should take into account the need of HFA at different stages of development and focus during its establishment”, (C&W, 2013) from which it can be referred that in the different phases what the HFA needs are totally distinct. And according to LEE, he mentioned, “The authority could be powerful … Its board should ensure sites won't be monopolised by a single developer. Commercial activities attracting tourists could conflict with the leisure … of residents nearby. It will require a balanced approach."(Olga, 2014) Therefore, it is agreed that at different phases, the HFA ought to be dependent on different sectors and ought not to be mastered by just one organization.